Jeff Sessions: People suffering from chronic pain should “take an aspirin and harden”

Jeff Sessions does not give a shit about the opioid epidemic.

During a speech at the US Attorney’s office UU In Tampa, Florida, this week, Attorney General   Jeff Sessions  said that people who suffer from chronic pain should simply “take an aspirin and make an effort.”

The sessions, whose opposition to medical marijuana is well known, tried to address the issue of opioid addiction in the United States. UU And they said that pharmaceutical companies are prescribing “too many opiates,” a sentiment that people across the political spectrum would agree to.

But the following Sessions statement demonstrated a profound misunderstanding and oversimplification of patients with chronic pain.

“People need to take some aspirin at times and resist,” he said according to the Tampa Bay Times. “You can overcome these things.”


Speaking with the Tampa Bay Times, the executive director of the Integrative Pain Management Academy, Bob Twillman, said the comments from the sessions show that the Trump administration knows nothing about chronic pain.

“That observation reflects a failure to recognize the severity of pain in some patients,” Twillman said. “It is an inconceivable comment. It also illustrates how the parties out of touch of the administration are with opioids and pain control. “

In a speech at the Heritage Foundation this week, Sessions blamed the opioid crisis partly for marijuana in a rehash of the old theory of “pot is an entry drug.”

“The DEA said that a large percentage of heroin addiction begins with prescriptions. That can be an exaggerated number; they had it as high as 80 percent, “Sessions said. “We think a lot of this is starting with marijuana and other drugs too.”


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