Lady Gaga: Fibromyalgia is a “punishment” to join the Illuminati

Lady Gaga believes that her illness is a physical manifestation of the dark forces that took control of her body and soul after joining the Illuminati at the beginning of her career, according to the production staff of Gaga’s new documentary.

The Netflix produced    Gaga: Five Foot Two    is a documentary portrait of the troubled star, or at least seems to do so, with essay material, study sessions, public appearances, nightly conversations, medical appointments and multiple tearful failures.

The description of the documentary scenes that remained on the floor of the courtroom reveals that Lady Gaga asked a Catholic priest for advice about the possibility of suffering an exorcism to get rid of him. the ”   black spirituality   ” says that she ”   invited   ” her body at the beginning of her career.

Describing the moment she ”   gave her soul   ” to the Illuminati, outside of a New York Lower East Side club after performing a burlesque show in 2006, Gaga described the experience as ”   very real and visceral”. , not metaphorical at all. 

“He   had just come on stage, it was a good show, he was in love and applauded by the crowd. I was outside lighting a cigarette, thinking about writing down more cocaine. I was suffering for more. More of everything. I just wanted to feel good. Feel something Then this man, a strange ageless man in a suit, talked to me. He was leaning against the wall, smoking, and said: “I think you have what it takes.” You want it? I asked what it was. I thought it was coming to me. But he smiles and says ‘Everything’. The success. Famous. Wealth. Power. Do you want everything?

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“I looked at him curiously. I could not work it. Then he stayed there and sang one of my favorite songs before. It was from another world. I looked at it as if it were a dark jewel taken from the deepest oceans. I knelt down and asked who I should rent.

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“I looked him straight in the eyes and told him I wanted everything. 

“I told him I would do anything   .”

As a struggling artist who played mainly in dive bars, burlesque clubs and night magazines, Gaga had little commercial success or public recognition before meeting the man she describes as ”   My Enlightened Prince  .”

In exchange for her soul, Gaga was able to create the music for which she became famous.

After ”   signing an agreement   ” with the prince outside the Mercury Lounge in New York, Gaga discovered that ”   success was child’s play   “. In exchange for her soul, Gaga was able to create the music for which she became famous. Suddenly, collaborators, producers and high-level promoters lined up to work with the unknown burlesque artist.

In one year, he was a multiplatinum pop star, and his work reached an audience of billions worldwide.

”   His promises came true very quickly.”

“At the beginning, I thought we had a good team. But it was not long before he began to suffer. “

Gaga has fought against rival forces fighting for supremacy in herself for years, and she is often at war with herself in the documentary: one of the parties led to act, the other given to complain about the rotten deal, was handed over by the ”   dark forces  “. ”

Gaga believes that physical illness,    fibromyalgia   , a chronic pain condition she claims to have suffered for a while, is the physical manifestation of her struggle to break out of the Illuminati disco industry and break her contract with the ”  black prince  “. ”   

Lady Gaga says that the gift of her soul to the "dark forces" of the music industry has led her to contract fibromyalgia
Lady Gaga says that the gift of her soul to the “dark forces” of the music industry has led her to contract fibromyalgia

”   They can give you special powers, outer beauty, talent and wealth for a while … but they do not last   ,” Gaga said. ”   That’s why so many people who are immersed in the dark arts are so unhappy. They shine like a morning star and end up committing suicide or drugging themselves. 

Lady Gaga is reorganizing the European scene of her world tour of Joanne, citing the ”   intense pain   ” that affects ”   her acting ability   “. On an Instagram post with a picture of the singer praying hands holding a crucifix, he said he has   always been   ”   honest   ” about his physical and spiritual health conditions and ”   tried for years to get to the bottom of things. 

”   As I am going to be stronger and I feel ready, I am going to tell my story more deeply and I intend to do the same for myself, not only to increase awareness, but to broaden the search for those who suffer like me. make a difference   ”  ,  Gaga wrote.

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