Lady Gaga’s quotes about fibromyalgia show how the condition was misunderstood in reality

One of my favorite celebrity evolutions I have seen over the years has been the change from Lady Gaga from pop icon to nude artist. Although I’m   here   for the musician at any time in his career, there’s something really beautiful about the reality that this star has been serving us for the past year. Then, when Lady Gaga began living with fibromyalgia in a new interview for her version of the October 2018 issue of   Vogue  , I wanted her much more to continue this extremely important conversation about what it is like to live with chronic pain.

As you already know, Gaga has proposed that in recent months her mission is nothing more than sincere about her experiences with chronic pain. In the 2017 documentary about her journey to be world famous,   Gaga: Five Foot Two  , viewers saw the 32-year-old musician writhing in pain in many scenes, unable to find relief for the devastating symptoms that several doctors had had. . In the documentary, you can also see Gaga trying out several different treatments and remedies for her pain, including deep tissue massages, medications and even ice packs in an attempt to calm the discomfort.

But after the launch of the Netflix documentary, Gaga addressed her Twitter audience at Little Monsters to explain what she had been dealing with during filming (fibromyalgia) and to express her hope that other people who may be dealing with similar problems will find Someday The support they not only need, but they deserve.

Now, in her new interview with   Vogue  , Gaga talked about how her previous trauma has affected her chronic pain. “My diaphragm stops. Then I have trouble breathing and my whole body is spasmed. And I start crying, “he told the magazine. “That’s what you feel every day with the victims of a trauma, and it is. . . miserable. I always say that trauma has a brain. And it makes its way in everything you do. ”

Gaga is not bad; In fact, according to Dr. Megan Williams Khmelev, a board-certified doctor in obesity and family medicine, these connections between mental and physical health are quite common. She tells Elite Daily via e-mail that mental health problems and chronic pain symptoms occur together so frequently that a depression screening test is often performed on any patient who visits their doctor with chronic pain.

As for Gaga, her chronic pain is known as fibromyalgia. According to the National Association of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain (NFMCPA), approximately 10 million Americans have fibromyalgia, and the condition affects women much more than men, “with a ratio of approximately 8 to 2. , women over men, “says the organization. Along with common symptoms such as fatigue, trouble sleeping and stiffness, fibromyalgia also has connections with mental and physical health problems. The NFMCPA explains that fibromyalgia can not only cause depression or anxiety, but that stress can also make these symptoms worse.

What can potentially lead to   more   stress is how difficult it is to get a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. “I get so irritated by people who do not think fibromyalgia is real,” Gaga told   Vogue  . “For me, and I think for many others, it’s really a cyclone of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, trauma and panic disorder, all of which causes the nervous system to become overloaded, and as a result it has nerve pain. ” .

Because there is no specific test to confirm that someone has fibromyalgia, it can often take a long time for a doctor to recognize and diagnose the condition in a patient, Todd Sitzman, MD, MPH, former president of the American Academy of Pain Medicine. , he told   health  . “By definition, it is a diagnosis of exclusion,” he said on the way out. “The doctor looks for other sources for his chronic fatigue, his chronic muscular pain, the alteration of the sleep and the disorder of the state of mind before assigning a diagnosis of fibromialgia”.

If you are struggling with fibromyalgia or another form of chronic pain, be sure to provide the care you need. “Chronic pain is not a joke,” Gaga told   Vogue  . “And every day he wakes up without knowing how you’re going to feel.”


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