Selena Gomez details her tough lupus diagnosis and admits she ‘cried her eyes out’ after being body shamed for weight gain

Selena Gomez opened up about being diagnosed with lupus in 2014 during her new episode on hit Apple TV+ series Dear.

The singer share details on how scary the time was, after doctors informed her that she could have had a stroke on stage or died – despite feeling fit and healthy.

Following the diagnosis, being on different medication for the disease caused her weight to fluctuate more – which sparked a wave of backlash.

Speaking on the body shaming that she faced, Selena admitted that she would be ‘crying her eyes out’ over the hate.

Despite saying at the time that the shaming didn’t affect her, the star now reveals that she ‘lied’ so that other people don’t feel the same hurt.

Painful: Although Selena looked upbeat in the teaser trail and behind-the-scenes photos, she recently opened up about how much she was hurt by body shaming she received for putting on weight

‘I could have had a stroke on stage’: Selena Gomez, 30, detailed her tough lupus diagnosis in an episode of Apple TV’s Dear…

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