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“Ah, it’s ok. You go ahead, I’ll catch up.”

This was me, for the majority of my life.

Chronic knee pain stopped me from enjoying many fun aspects of life. Hiking, team sports, and as I got older, even stairs would spark a symphony of cracks and pops.

Luckily, this story has a happy ending.

Here’s how I bulletproofed my knees, hips, and ankles, for free, with one simple exercise practiced a few times per week.

You don’t have bad knees.

Today, chronic knee pain is a way of life for 25{f3a6a30fe8ec83c88e3a096004ddf2d5481b76e701b36185325949387956c891} of adults.

Yet, most people aren’t born with degenerative knee diseases. And, our joints weren’t made to give way after just a few decades.

The problem is our way of life.

We sit too much, work too much, and exercise the same parts of our bodies over and over again. Missing the parts that really matter.

“I’ve got bad knees.”

How often have you heard someone say this?

Probably about as often as you hear bodybuilders complain about shoulder pain or runners suffering from shin splints.

The knees are the body’s 2 largest joints, and we use them for almost everything. Walking, crouching, sitting, standing, and bending over. Yet, most people don’t know how to strengthen them.

Or, keep them healthy…

Start with this.

Humans weren’t built to be the biggest or strongest mammals on Earth. But, our unique knee joints have given us a biological advantage over the rest of the animal kingdom.

Yet we squander our gift.

We walk primarily on flat ground, take elevators, and avoid movements that strengthen our knees. All of this, causes us to devolve much quicker than nature intended.

Resulting in knee pain, painful surgeries, and the limiting belief that you were born with “bad knees”.

One 36-year study in Wales revealed humans…

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