Lady Gaga decided to add arnica to her new make-up line after relying on the natural product to help with the pain from fibromyalgia.

The pop superstar battles chronic pain from the condition and found rubbing the natural product into her skin was more helpful than anti-inflammatory medication she’d been prescribed by her doctor – so she wanted to include it in her relaunched Haus Labs line.

She told Allure magazine: “I use regular arnica on my body all of the time for fibromyalgia. I used to take prescription medication to take down inflammation, and I actually found that didn’t really work and that arnica was much more powerful … (I wanted to) explore the healing powers of arnica on the face.”

She added of her plan: “When I started this company people told me you’ll never be able to get arnica in anything. Maybe in skin care, but never in a product. They told me it was impossible to innovate. But that’s not true – you can, you just have to be relentless.”

Arnica is used topically for conditions including muscle aches, bruises, sprains and joint pain – and Gaga’s team created a fermented arnica oil to include in highlighters and bronzers to take away the skin redness she often suffers.

Gaga explained: “So it’s treating my skin, but it’s also a very high-performance artistry product. There’s none of that bunchiness you can sometimes get when you use contour. We also don’t do those patchy highlighters. To me, I always want to make sure that people understand that we do not sacrifice performance, but we also don’t sacrifice your values.”

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