For this Lupus Awareness Month, marked each May, the focus is on educating people about the autoimmune disorder thought to affect about 1.5 million U.S. residents and more than 5 million individuals globally.

World Lupus Day, bringing disease warriors worldwide together, will be observed on May 10.

In addition to the general public, the event is aimed at lawmakers, industry representatives, public authorities, health professionals, and scientists.

Supporters asked to wear purple to help make lupus visible

The Lupus Foundation of America offers a number of ways supporters can participate in calling attention to lupus and raising funds for research.

Lupus is caused by immune system attacks on healthy tissue. The condition, also known as systemic lupus erythematosus, can affect practically any part of the body, including the skin, joints, kidneys, lung, heart, and brain, causing a range of disease symptoms.

“May is Lupus Awareness Month! Rally your family, friends and community to raise funds and awareness of the invisible physical, emotional and financial impact of lupus,” the organization states on an awareness month webpage.

Awareness tools provided by the foundation include a “purple pledge,” which supporters can take to heighten awareness around lupus. The pledge form states: “Living with an invisible illness like lupus can be isolating, and sometimes lead to judgment from others who don’t exactly understand the daily struggles. Most symptoms of lupus aren’t always readily visible, but on the inside, it can wreak havoc … and even cause emotional and mental strain. Just because people can’t see the pain, doesn’t mean it’s not there and potentially life-threatening. Help bring visibility to lupus, even when it can’t be seen!”

The foundation’s toolkit also includes sample social media posts for use during #LupusAwarenessMonth, along with shareable images. Educational resources include infographics about the foundation and the disease.

“We can make lupus visible during Lupus Awareness Month by educating friends, family and others about lupus and its effects,” it notes on an event webpage.

For its “Make Your Mark” on lupus campaign, the organization encourages supporters to host an in-person or virtual fundraiser, and offers ideas and tips for doing so. Those who register their event will receive a personal fundraising page, planning guide, advice from the foundation, and more. Starting a Facebook fundraiser is another option.

For #World Lupus Day, participants are asked to Put on Purple — the color that represents lupus — to call attention to the disease and community needs, and take selfies and share them online. The foundation also is encouraging supporters to follow its monthlong campaign on Facebook, X, and Instagram.

Social media toolkits, disease factsheets can aid awareness efforts

Elsewhere, the Lupus Research Alliance is offering a social media toolkit and ways to participate in lupus research and advocate for research funding. It also is providing educational resources about the disorder. Supporters may keep track of the organization’s monthlong campaign on FacebookX and Instagram.

“Lupus Awareness Month is all about you,” the alliance states on a webpage. “Thanks to you and our vibrant community we are gaining momentum in our mission to understand lupus better, find personalized treatments, and, one day, a cure.”

The World Lupus Federation, a coalition of some 250 lupus groups in 75 countries, is urging participation in World Lupus Day, which the federation sponsors. Events include its “Light Up the World” campaign, which involves supporters asking local officials to light a structure or landmark in purple. At the same time, they can ask local governments to officially proclaim the day.

Patients and caregivers also are asked to contact media to share their stories and provided with a lupus fact sheet. The group’s toolkit includes logos, graphics in English and Spanish, and a symptoms checklist.

“As we quickly approach World Lupus Day on 10 May, get ready to amplify lupus awareness by sharing vital messages and facts on your social media platforms,” the World Lupus Federation states..


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